Seasonal Strategy Reset

It's no secret that running a business requires you to pay attention to so many puzzle pieces at one time. Trying to fit them all together seamlessly can be overwhelming.
Have no fear; your virtual biz partner for hire is here. 🦸🏻‍♀️

Together we'll collaborate to untangle all your jumbled ideas and create a streamlined plan to bring your goals to life.

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If any of the following resonates with you, this offer is for you!

✨You have defined a strategy that you've received from an online course or coach, but you are struggling to take action.

✨You need help with planning, projections, marketing, or deciding the right next step for your business.

✨Your business is making money & you are ready to optimize your processes for efficiency.

✨ You are an online biz newbie & want to set yourself up for success from the start.

✨ Your plate is full, but you want to be able to serve more people & expand your impact on the world by creating an online course or membership.



Seasonal Planning Intensive

Collaborative strategic planning to take your brain from 🤯 to 🧘🏻& results from 😕 to 🤑

What we can cover:

Craft your Offer 

Create a compelling offer, a powerful marketing message, & uncover  profit-boosting opportunities.

Content Planning

Craft a high-converting, magnetic, and creative content plan.

 Visibility Strategy

 Develop a social strategy to attract an aligned community who like, know, trust, & are frankly kinda obsessed with you.

Email List Building

Develop list-building and nurture strategies to engage your audience and build relationships.

Live Event Planning

Plan a stellar lives event that builds hype for your offers and supports your community in their purchasing decision.

Collaborative Opportunities

Identify partnership & affiliate opportunities to reach a larger audience & boost your sales.

Conversion Strategy

 Formulate cart open & close strategies to take your community from semi-interested skimmers to satisfied purchasers.

Customer Experience

 Design a customer experience that will knock the socks off of your new clients .

Follow Up Support

Once the plan is completed we will hop on another 30-minute call so I can walk you through the plan & address anything that needs further clarification. In addition, you'll get 7 days of Voxer support to ask any questions that arise as implementation begins.

How it works:

  1. You'll get immediate access to a calendar link where you'll book a 4-hour session with me.
  2. You'll also get instant access to my intake form, which will help you analyze past business results (if you have them), set goals, figure out how to connect with your potential clients, and decide what your ideal work-life looks like.
  3. Following our call, I'll deliver a comprehensive Custom Quarterly Dashboard & 90-Day Plan in Notion.
  4. You'll also have the option to bring me on board your team for the next 3 months for Momentum Management support to offer you & your team (if you have them) compassionate accountability and expert guidance as you put your plan in place. 

Seasonal Planning Intensive


This investment can be applied to Momentum Management moving forward.

  • 4-hour Zoom Strategy Session
  • 4 hours of done for you quarterly project planning
  • Custom Quarterly Dashboard in Notion
  • 14 Days of Voxer support
Chat with me to see if this is right for you.

Seasonal Planning Intensive + Momentum Management


Payment Plans Available

  • Everything is included in Seasonal Strategy Intensive plus
  • 5 consulting calls to help you maintain momentum by troubleshooting and supporting execution with things like:
    • Creating processes and workflows to help you execute your plan
    • Solving obstacles that pop up that you could never plan for
    • Writing copy & designing assets & graphics
    • Setting up tech & troubleshooting tech issues
Chat with me to see if this is right for you.
But 1st, Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Jess

Certified Launch Manager 🏅 & Online Business Builder 👷🏻‍♀️

I help entrepreneurs ranging from dog groomers 🐩 to designers 🎨 generate additional revenue. streams 💰 through online offers while positively impacting the lives of thousands. 😃

If you're ready to make a significant impact by sharing your expertise online & making a good income while doing it. I'm glad you are here. 😊 Together,🤲🏼 we will create, craft, and curate a profitable launch model that is in total alignment with your unique gifts and talents.

My superpower is strategizing, brainstorming, and turning all your messy ideas into easy-to-implement plans. I'm an Enneagram 3️⃣ (The Achiever), Aries Sun Sign 🌞, Human Design Manifesting Generator 💪🏼, with Clifton strength finders results:  Futuristic 🔮 Competition 🕹 Achiever 🎯Activator 🎉 Strategic ♟. Guilty pleasures include gummy worms 🪱, Gilmore Girls 👩‍👧 & emojis 🤗 (if you couldn't tell 😆).