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Operations and Integration Specialist 

Helping values-driven entrepreneurs optimize their operations & simplify their systems to protect their energy & make space for growth.

Here's How →

Operations and Integration Specialist 

Helping values-driven entrepreneurs optimize their operations & simplify their systems to protect their energy & make space for growth.

Here's How →
Let me ask you something:

Are your ideas flourishing, but you are stuck in the weeds?

You've got proven offers that work like magic, and your passion for your work is undeniable. However, some changes are necessary to achieve next-level business growth without sacrificing your well-being.

What if you could

  • Refine your offers & streamline operations to deliver a wow-worthy customer experience. 
  • Use systems & technology to free up space in your brain and calendar 
  • Find a healthy work-life balance to recharge and find inspiration outside of work.

Everything desire starts with strong operational roots

By integrating aligned strategy, intentional planning, systems optimization, and team development, I collaborate with you to craft a sustainable business operating model that lays the foundation for business expansion.

My superpowers? Developing innovative solutions to your business bottlenecks and identifying valuable opportunities to help you create sustainable momentum toward your goals.

Integration support and strategic guidance for every stage of business growth




Seasonal Reset

Are you ready to expand your income & your impact, but crafting a plan to get you there has you overwhelmed?

Partner with me to plan your next 90 days. I'll become your strategic partner and identify the projects, objectives, and action plans to get you closer to your reaching your vision and creating the IMPACT you desire.


  • Two 60-minute Zoom calls
  • Comprehensive 90-day plan & weekly workload cadence to streamline the next steps
  • A Customize Business Hub & Metrics Dashboard in Notion

One-time payment of $850

Optional post-session integration package available after your session!

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Integrator On Demand

 Is there a lingering project that's been living rent-free on your to-do list, taking up valuable mental real estate, and stalling your growth?

During this DFY project sprint, I'll be your strategic partner, helping you meticulously strategize, plan, map out, and execute every nitty gritty detail to bring your idea to life.

As a certified launch and online business manager, I've worn many hats while helping clients with various projects. From carefully planning launches, creating irresistible sales funnels, setting up courses and memberships, making team management & recruitment a breeze, to sprucing up CRM and project management tools – we zone in on what you need the most and keep tweaking things as we go

With DFY Integrator On-Demand Project Sprint, you can finally conquer those lingering tasks or projects that have been holding you back, creating space for growth.

Investment Starts at $1500.00

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Hi yall, Im Jess

I'm a self-confessed systems and operations nerd, and I'm proud of it! Whether it's ironing out workflow kinks or meticulously organizing and labeling my home, I know that embracing structure can lead to some pretty sexy side effects—hello, joy and flexibility!

During my 15-year journey in retail management, they affectionately called me the "innovation cultivator" for my uncanny ability to create simple yet highly effective systems that delivered exceptional results. Boosting annual sales revenue by a jaw-dropping $1 million while simultaneously slashing operation expenses by 10% was just another day at the office for me—efficiency at its finest!

Then came 2020, and well, thank you, COVID, for giving me the chance to refocus my superpowers. Now, I'm on a mission to support wellness entrepreneurs in crafting and streamlining a rooted business infrastructure that allows them to expand their impact and income without compromising their well-being.

Since joining forces with my clients, they are truly living their best lives:

  • Increased sales without burning the midnight oil—working smarter, not harder.
  • Expanded their capacity by building dream teams and optimizing their offers
  • Decreased operational expenses by refining roles and streamlining systems—more profit, less hassle.
  • They now enjoy better sleep, happier relationships, and an overall sense of joy in their business—because success should be fulfilling, not exhausting.
  • Ventured into uncharted territory, birthing new offers & businesses like champions.
  • Checked off their life bucket list items, proving that with the right systems in place, anything is possible.


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