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You wanted to get your funnels flowing, like yesterday....

But your launch date keeps slipping away with "all the things" already on your plate. What you really want is a tech expert to swoop in and work their magic to get your site up & running quickly.

You want to leverage the power of technology to streamline your lead and sales generation.

At the same time, thinking about learning new software is giving you a major tech migraine.

You want to focus on creating killer content and serving your community.

You don’t have the time or energy to go through and implement everything yourself right now.

You want strategic implementation from a systems integration expert. 

Whether you are an online business veteran or a complete newbie, a Systems Integration Sprint is a great fit for you.

 Instead of...

Wasting your precious time & energy watching youtube tutorials & googling


Being able to stay laser-focused on creating killer content & serving your students

Instead of ...

Ripping your hair out trying for weeks trying to figure out all the moving tech pieces


Having an expert implement everything in ONE day so you can go LIVE sooner & start making money faster.

Instead of...

Getting bogged down with all the nitty-gritty details & caught up in never-ending project to-do's


 Knowing the exact date when your funnel will be set up 

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Get your funnel flowing quickly.

with a 

Kajabi Collab Day

Here is what is possible in a day

Here are some examples of projects I've completed in a day for past clients.

Kajabi Opt In Funnel Set Up

Newsletter Funnel

  • Customized opt-in and confirmation pages, & newsletter template to match branding

  • Created & integrated opt-in form & tech setup

  • Created & set up all funnel-related tags & integrations

  • Uploaded & scheduled all funnel-related emails

Kajabi Course Site Set Up

Course or Membership Program Set Up

  • Course or Membership Setup 
  • A customized course theme to match branding.
  • Designing your checkout page & creating your thank you page.
  • Setting up your student welcome emails
  • Customized login & library page to match brandings
Kajabi Evergreen Funnel Set Up

Evergreen  Sales Funnel 

  • Customer opt-in & confirmation pages to match brainding
  • Customized sales page and confirmation pages to match branding.
  • Created & integrated checkout page & tech setup
  • Created & set up all funnel-related integrations and tags
  • Uploaded and scheduled all funnel-related emails

**Requires two days**

Kajabi Webinar S

Masterclass or Webinar Funnel

  • Customized registration pages, confirmation pages, and webinar room to match branding.
  • Created & integrated webinar registration form and tech setup 
  • Created and set up all funnel-related tags & sequences
  • Uploaded & scheduled all emails


Kajabi Coaching Product Set Up

Lead Magnet or List Building Funnel

  • Customized opt-in page & confirmation page
  • Created & integrated opt in form & tech setup
  • Created & set up all funnel-related tags & sequences
  • Uploaded & scheduled all funnel-related emails.
Kajabi Coaching Product Set Up

Coaching Product Setup

  • Customized checkout page & coaching product theme to match branding
  • Created & integrated offer checkout form & tech setup
  • Created & set up all funnel-related tags & sequences
  • Uploaded & scheduled all funnel-related emails.

When you book a VIP with me, you get a dedicated date on my calendar to finally bring your funnel to life. No more pushing back that launch deadline (again) — it’s time to take the tech off your plate so you can share your expertise with the world and change people’s lives through your digital offerings. 

How does it work?


We will hop on a call up to two weeks before your day to create your systems blueprint. We will map out all of the assets that need to be created to bring your project to life based on the strategy you bring to the table. 

Following the call, you'll receive a prep plan & homework that you'll need to complete two days before your VIP Day.


At the start of your day, I'll send you a message that I'm getting to work & hop into your accounts & begin to create the framework for your funnel.

This includes creating & integrating any forms, tags, events, pages, or sequences that will be needed to bring your funnel to life.


Next, I get to work adding your copy & customizing each page & email with your provided branding guidelines.

As I complete each piece, I'll send it over for your review so you can send your feedback & I can make revisions as needed.


Before I wrap up for the day, I triple-check the entire funnel to ensure all automation works so your funnel can run on autopilot.

I also record & send you a funnel walkthrough so you'll know how to navigate the Kajabi setup that I completed.


Reserve your VIP Day
A quick note…

When you book a VIP Day with me, you’re booking my time and expertise for that day and not a set of deliverables.

Because I basically live in these programs all day, every day, I can complete your project in much less time than it would take you to try and tackle it all yourself. Each day is customized to your specific needs so that it is value-packed with my attention focused on your project.

How much we can accomplish on the day truly depends on how responsive you are and how thorough your prep work is. 

Reserve your day

Your day includes:
  • Funnel blueprint session (60 minutes)
  • Prep work project plan
  • One full day dedicated to your project (6 hours)
  • 30 days of post-day email support for tech questions

If you’d like to book more than one day, you’ll be given that option on the confirmation page after booking the first day.

Limited spots available—booking 2- 4 weeks in advance.

Investment: $1111

50% deposit reserves your date
The remaining balance is due one day before VIP day.

Reserve your day!
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