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Hi Ya'll!

I'm Jessica D. Walther

But you can call me Jess.

I guess you can call me multi-passionate. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Over the past two decades, I've racked up a myriad of experience that has equipped me to be your trusted guide to building an intentional and sustainable online business.

Here are some of the highlights

  • Worked as a Project Manager for several Fortune 500 Companies 📈
  • Led an international launch for a retail chain.🇯🇵

  • Trained and developed high – performing sales teams that generated millions in revenue. 👯‍♀️

  • Completed a basic witch super course. 🧙🏻‍♀️

  • Birthed my brilliant daughter Stella into the world.🤰🏻
  • Took my bucket list trip to Bali.🇮🇩

  • Got certified as a Yoga Instructor & Ayurveda Therapist.🧘🏻‍♀️

  • Adopted 2 guinea pigs (Caramel & Chai).🍮☕️

  • Paid off all the student loans I racked up from my Business Management and Marketing Degree 🥳

  • Thrived in 2020 by growing my side hustle into the business you see now 🥂 
  • Collaborated with several clients to launch their online courses, enabling them to impact thousands of lives and create another source of revenue for their business.

You should probably know that I'm a Strategic Business Wiz but 100% WOO. ✨


I take a holistic approach to business. I believe the growth and health of your business are directly correlated to the growth and health of YOU. It's no secret that thriving humans build thriving businesses, which is why I encourage my clients to just say no to hustle culture and build their business with intentional action instead.

Here's a little more about how I'll show up for your business:

Permission Granter 

No cookie cutters here, my approach to business grants you permission to show up authentically. My core belief is that we are all unique shining stars of human beings with our own unique way of dancing with the universe to manifest our desires. We start running into problems and tripping over our own feet when we try to "dance" the way others tell us we should. I pair your Human Design Chart (think astrology on steroids) and my business experience to guide you to a way of operating in your business is uniquely you. 

Growth Seeker

Years of binging on self-development and business books, podcasts, and workshops have equipped me with tools and resources relevant to your unique journey. Ever heard that saying there a million ways to peel an apple? Well, actually, I think it's more like there are a million ways to skin a pig, but I lean more plant-based here. There are a million different routes you could take to achieve the success, which is great news!! The not-so-great news is that some routes lead to success plus burnout; the others lead to success plus ease and flow.  Together we design a route for you that makes building a business easy. Yes! It can be easy when you are showing up in alignment with YOU.

Change Cultivator

The power of evolution inspires me. I believe the growth of your business is in direct correlation to the growth of the business owner. Pushing you past your comfort zone is my comfort zone. I’ll help you explore and try new ways of approaching goals—whether business or people-related—to create an impact on the business.


Playful Optimist Warrior Spirit

I get it; building a business can be challenging at times. It's a roller coaster of emotions where one second you are floating on cloud 9 after a great discovery call, and the next second, your curled up in a ball crying after that pain in the butt client gave you not-so-stellar feedback. It takes grit, perseverance, and a growth mindset to achieve the lifestyle you crave.  I’ll provide the energy and enthusiasm to spark your determination and help you overcome the many obstacles along the way.

Business Growth Wiz

Excel spreadsheets are my happy place, and goal achievement is my jam! Of course, I'll bring the SWOT and SMART GOALS. But after years of running a multi-million dollar business, I've learned that its consistency and passion that drive phenomenal results.  I’ll provide both, practical advice and strategic direction. And also use radical candor to light a fire under your butt and hold you actionable and accountable so that you can see your vision become a reality faster.

Ready to get started working together?

GREAT NEWS. But first, let's talk about what REALLY matters:

Inclusivity Matters: I welcome and celebrate all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, body size, or other characteristics. I'm probably not your gal if you don't jive with this stance.

REALNESS Matters: I do NOT sell the dream, and I do NOT have the secret sauce or foolproof plan to guarantee you 7 -figs, in your business.” Many others in the online space want to promise you the moon when they only end up delivering you unmet expectations and searching for the next silver bullet. That’s not me. Do I have a proven business framework that I follow? You better believe it, baby!! Has this process and my support helped my clients reach success on their terms? Also-freaking-lutely! Can I guarantee any amount of success for your business? No, I cannot, and neither can anyone else, for that matter. All I can do is show up with a growth mindset and be a supportive and collaborative partner.  Getting people to buy into the dream is easier, but it's not REAL. If you're tired of buying into empty guarantees, I'm glad you found me. 

SERVICE Matters:  I believe the best business strategy to grow your business is to serve your clients and treat the people who interact with your business like ACTUAL people you care about. I only want people to invest their time and energy in my offers if it aligns with their values and if it will help them reach their goals. For this reason, I only practice ethical marketing based on transparency, trust, and honesty in both my business and my client's business. This means I don't use scare tactics or psychological manipulation. To learn more about my stance on ethical marketing, visit here.

Still here after all that? Then let's hop on call to see how I can support you.

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