Launch Management

You've got a coaching program or online offer that will spark transformation. I've got the streamlined plan & process to get it out into the world in a fun & easy way.

Let me handle the scenes aspects of your Live launch so you can focus on over-delivering to your community & creating a WOW-worthy launch experience.
Launch with me.
Launch Timeline : Week 1 & 2 Launch Strategy and Planning Week 305 Launch Email Copywright, Launch Sales Page Writing, & Launch Social Media Marketing Week 6-8 Sales Page Design & Optimization Launch Sales Event Week 11-12 Post Launch Survery & Launch Debrief & Analysis

You have an offer (service, course, or digital product) that you are stoked to share with the world. 

It is your baby, and you worked a long time to get it ready.
Maybe it's your first time launching this offer, or perhaps during your first launch, you felt as if you were riding the hotmess express.

Have no fear.

Your launch PNC is here.  🦸🏻‍♀️

Bring on the high-level support you need to plan and execute a successful launch

I want to help you stop spending your precious time on planning and managing your launch; TBH, as a creative organization & planning are not your zones of genius (& that's ok, we all can't be Marie Kondo)

  • I want to allow you to stay cool, calm & collected so you can show up as the authentic leader your students need to get them fired up for the transformation you are doling out.

  • I want to help you stop ripping your hair out trying to figure out all the moving tech pieces 

  • I want to ensure that you stay laser-focused on strategy & connection instead of implementation because you know your community best.

  • I want to help you avoid getting bogged down with all the nitty-gritty details that will make your head spin.

  • & ULTIMATELY, I want to support you in empowering your community with your amazing offer & the expertise only you can deliver. This is what truly makes my heart happy. 🥰

Holistic Launch Management 

Collaborative launch project management &integration to take your brain from 🤯 to 🧘🏻& results from 😕 to 🤑

What's included:

Comprehensive Launch Planning

Allows you & your team to shine in your zone of genius, uncovers profit-boosting opportunities, and delivers a wow-worthy experience for your audience.

Launch Planning

Set up & management of a launch PM tool to ensure that the right things are happening at the right time by the right people in the right way.

Launch Project Management

Compassionate accountability for you and any launch-related team members (if you have them) so that you can avoid a stalled launch or missed deadlines.

Full Launch Tech +Integration  Testing

Rest assured that you are creating a best-in-class first impression & that your students are receiving an out-of-this-world onboarding experience.

Launch Copy & Content Coaching

Ensures your messaging builds trust and connection with your ideals students.

Monitoring and measuring the success of the launch

Tracking of all launch-related metrics to uncover potential profit-boosting opportunities.

Weekly Calls & Status Updates

 Ensures that the launch team stays motivated and aligned with their goals.


Starting at $5400

for 12 weeks of support 
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Add on services to this package can include:

Launch Related Copywriting

Launch Customer Experience Management

Launch Related Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Course or Membership Site Set Up

Picture of Jessica Walther Certified Launch Manager & Online Business Manager

 Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi! I'm Jess

Certified Launch Manager 🏅 & Online Business Builder 👷🏻‍♀️

I help entrepreneurs ranging from dog groomers 🐩 to dieticians 🥗 generate additional revenue streams 💰 through online offers while positively impacting the lives of thousands. 😃

If you're ready to make a significant impact by sharing your expertise online & making a good income while doing it. I'm glad you are here. 😊 Together,🤲🏼 we will create, craft, and curate a profitable launch model that is in total alignment with your unique gifts and talents.

My superpower is strategizing, brainstorming, and turning all your messy ideas into easy-to-implement plans. I'm an Enneagram 8️⃣ (The Challenger), Aries Sun Sign 🌞, Human Design Manifesting Generator 💪🏼, with Clifton strength finders results:  Futuristic 🔮 Competition 🕹 Achiever 🎯Activator 🎉 Strategic ♟. Guilty pleasures include gummy worms 🪱 & Gilmore Girls 👩‍👧.

Book a call to see if the stars are aligned & we are destined to work together.