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How to build a high converting sales page

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Building sales pages can be a daunting and overwhelming task for some online entrepreneurs. But it doesn't have to be.

Structuring high-converting sales page was always quite intuitive to me. It wasn’t until a client pointed out that my years in retail management had given me loads of experience in buyer psychology that I realized where this strength had come from. The process of guiding potential visitors from skimmers to raving take-the-money clients follows the same sales process online as it does in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. . Similar to retail sales strategy, clear communication and an intentional journey that connects you to your potential customer the most important aspects of closing the sale. 

Once you've got this structure down, you'll be able to easily bang out high converting sales pages in a jiffy so you can get on the next thing on your to-do list.

 So let’s talk

about the four critical steps on your customer’s journey through your sales page that guides them from “just-looking” to “take my $$$.”

Step 1. Share how you can help

The Hero section is the part of the page your visitors see as soon as your landing page loads. The hero section is probably the most crucial part of your page because it helps the customer decide if they are in the right place & if you can solve the particular problem, they are having. 

Your hero section should be able to answer these four questions in about 8 seconds flat. (that about how long you have before your customer gets distracted by the next shiny object on the worldwide web.)

The questions are: 

  • Are you for me?
  • What do you do?
  • How can you help them? 
  • What should I do next?


This process is pretty similar to a customer walking into a brick-and-mortar store; the associate would greet the customer and find out what brought them in today. If the customer shared a need that the store can solve, the associate would then direct them to where they could find the solution.

Step 2. Connect with Purpose

The next couple of sections on your sale landing page should help your customer solidify even more than they are in the right place, and you are the right person to help. You do this by speaking to their desires, current pain points, and the transformational benefits that they can receive by working with you.

You further build your trust and credibility by sharing a quick introduction of yourself, your experience, and why you are interested in solving this problem for them. 

In our retail store setting, this would be similar to your sales clerk asking the customers more questions to grasp precisely what you are looking for and sharing potential items that may meet your needs. 

Step 3. Share what's in it for them

The following sections of your sales page should take a deep dive into your offer. You should share the features (what they get) and the unique benefits of learning this from you specifically. This section should include a course outline, content and maybe a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of your offer. 

Going back to our retail store example, this section would be similar to heading to the dressing room and trying an item on while the sales clerk shows you all the bells and whistles of the garment.

Step 4. Help them decide.

The last chunk of your sales page should be dedicated to helping the customer decide if your offer aligns with them. In this section, you introduce the price and any bonuses of investing in your offer. At this point, it’s also essential to answer any last objections that may be keeping them from pulling the trigger.  

Going back to our retail customer journey, this would be the point in which the customer exits the fitting room and is trying to decide whether they are heading to the checkout counter or not.  

 At this point, it's VERY important to make sure that there are no barriers to purchase and is also a great place to drop additional testimonials or incentives to help push them toward their decision.  

So there you have it: the four simple non-sleazy sales steps that will help you drive conversions. REMEMBER, there are about a kajillion things you can overthink in your business, but your sales page should not be one of them. Use this simple outline to make sure you connect with your customer on each step of their decision-making journey, and you'll be golden, my friend.

If you would like additional support download my Magnetic Offer Workbook & get started creating signature offers that convert like crazy.


Cheers to converting like crazy!! ūü•ā



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