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Outsourcing Launch Prep: Things to consider to make outsourcing easy breezy.

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How and when to hire your launch dream team.

The topic of outsourcing can be anxiety-inducing for many entrepreneurs. And rightly so, because our businesses are like our second child for many of us. Handing over some responsibility for that child brings up some TERRIFYING  thoughts like:

  • How can I be sure I’m hiring the right person for my business? 🤔
  • How much of my valuable time and hard-earned money will it take to train and manage them?😳
  • What if their quality of work differs from mine, or if it ends up being faster to do it myself?😬
  • Will hiring another person only multiply my problems? We’ve all read those horror stories about VA’s going awol at the mid-launch. Leaving the business owner stuck and scrambling to piece together the project last minute.😱
  • And then there’s the monetary investment; hiring a quality person can be quite an investment.🤯

But here’s the thing: You get what you pay for. Rarely are you going to find an app,  tool, service, etc., that costs you nothing and profoundly impacts your life (both in time savings AND in happiness levels)?


The truth is you could be hurting your business by trying to save money and delivering a less-than-stellar experience for your customers. Outsourcing launch prep frees up your time to focus on the things that will REALLY move the needle on your launch results, like creating killer content and building trust and connection with your audience.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if your business is ready to outsource launch support:

  • Are your roles and launch process as efficient as possible without adding someone?
    • Focusing on automating and streamlining current processes could save you time without outsourcing.
  • Do you have a launch process that is consistent enough to where someone could fit in seamlessly?
    • Hiring before defining processes will only multiply your problems (faster than bunnies.)🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰
  • Can you clearly define the tasks you want someone to take off your plate?  Do you have consistent workflows and timeframes documented for those tasks?
    • Clarifying responsibilities and expectations from the start will help you avoid headaches down the road.
  • Do you have a reliable strategy for generating leads and proven offers?
    • You’ll want to define the profit margin needed for you to feel comfortable bringing someone on.
  • Do you have a vision for your launch content strategy? 
    • Your launch team will be looking for your direction on what to do and how.
  • Are you having trouble keeping up & executing your launch plan? 
    • A good rule of thumb is to start hiring when you are 80% of your capacity.
  • Do you have a realistic launch timeline? 
    • Good subcontractors may not have availability right away.

 If you’ve answered no to any of the above questions, you may have some work to do around strategy and planning before you can efficiently and cost-effectively outsource your launch. (SHAMELESS PLUG: My two-week, Aligned Strategy Intensives address both of these and make outsourcing your launch prep a breeze. Learn More Here.)


If you answered yes, then CONGRATS! You’ve established a reliable strategy and rinse and repeat the process, and are ready to start outsourcing!


During any launch, you need support. I’m not saying you should hire a large team that you really can’t afford. It's perfectly ok for you to DIY portions of your launch. But, I think it’s essential to determine who will be responsible for the critical components of your launch & where you might need to outsource support in the future. 


Typical Launch Support Team Roles Include:


  • Launch Strategist:  Responsible for building a funnel that takes your buyer from problem awareness to product awareness.
  • Project Manager: Responsible for making sure everything is done on time and following up with everyone on your team to ensure a smooth launch from start to finish.
  • Copywriter: Responsible for developing clear and compelling messaging for your launch. 
  • Tech Assistant: Responsible for setting up your tech and your tech systems  and scheduling posts and emails
  • Graphic Designer: Responsible for designing your website pages and visuals for your launch
  • Ads Manager: Of course, first, you're going to want to focus on building organic traffic, but after you’ve honed your funnel, you might want to bring on an ads manager to support you in managing your paid ads campaign for your launch
  • Instructional Designer: To support you in creating a curriculum that will get your students/clients real-life results.


Now the question becomes...How do you decide what to outsource first?

Simple, it’s the things that drain your energy, or you don’t excel at. 

The great thing about the online world is that for every task you hate, there are people and businesses who specialize in it, LOVE it, and take pride in it on your behalf.

But where do you find them? 

 This one is easy peasy!

Ask the people; you know that run efficient and happy business.,

If no one in your direct network comes to mind, scroll through social media or your email list. Then, pick out 3-5 five people and shoot them this message: 

 I’m looking to outsource some of my business tasks. Do you know anyone who can help out with <fill in the launch role>?

 Or if you want to make your life even easier, ask me! As a certified launch manager, I’ve had the pleasure of working with various subcontractors & would love to give you recommendations of some dream team members. Just email [email protected]




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