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Intentional Goal Setting Strategies for Small Business Owners

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Intentional Goal Setting Strategies for Small Business Owners

Goal setting can seem straightforward, yet effective goal setting is a nuanced process that requires aligning your goals with deeper desires and realistic expectations. We're here to break down the "why," "what," and "how" of goal setting so that you can set and achieve intentional goals for your business.

Knowing Your Why

The first step in setting intentional goals is understanding your deeper "why." According to Jess, connecting goals to core desires can provide lasting motivation, even when you hit obstacles. Rachel emphasizes starting with the feeling you want to achieve, not just the arbitrary number. For example, instead of aiming for a $500,000 revenue goal, think about the financial security or lifestyle this revenue will provide. Knowing your deeper why can help you stay resilient and focused.

Knowing Your What

Once you've identified your why, the next step is setting ambitious but realistic goals. Jess and Rachel stress the importance of grounding your goals in past data and current reality. Instead of making spontaneous goals, look at your historical data and set incremental milestones. Rachel cautions against the "business shoulds"—instead of launching new products or chasing trends, focus on what has consistently brought success. This approach ensures that your goals are both actionable and achievable.

Knowing Your How

Finally, the how of goal setting involves putting the necessary support and resources in place. Jess emphasizes the importance of scheduling time blocks and protecting them to ensure you make progress on your goals. Rachel highlights the need for accountability, whether through a project management tool, a coach, or an accountability partner. Making your tasks fun and setting up reward systems can also keep you motivated. By delineating actionable steps, you ensure that your goals move from paper to reality

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