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Ensure Future Launch Success: What to Do (and Not to Do) Post-Launch

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Ensure Future Launch Success: What to Do (and Not to Do) Post-Launch

Launching a product or service is an exhilarating experience filled with anticipation and hard work. However, the real magic happens post-launch. In this blog post, we'll dive into key activities and strategies for a thorough launch debrief to ensure that your next launch is even more successful.

Why post-launch analysis is crucial

One of the first things Rachel and Jess emphasize is the importance of conducting a detailed post-launch analysis. This involves looking at the metrics and understanding what worked and what didn't. By extracting data such as email engagement, landing page visits, and conversion rates, you can identify which elements of your launch resonated with your audience. This quantitative analysis paired with qualitative feedback, such as post-purchase surveys, provides critical insights to refine your approach for future launches.

Leveraging customer feedback

Both speakers underscore the value of collecting customer feedback through targeted post-launch surveys. According to Jess, it's essential to gather insights from both buyers and non-buyers to understand their motivations and objections. This feedback helps answer key questions like, "Why did they buy?" and "What stopped them from purchasing?" Incorporating this feedback into your strategy ensures you're addressing real concerns and not just making assumptions about your audience's behavior.

Don't rush to revamp everything

A common mistake that Rachel and Jess warn against is the urge to overhaul your entire offering after a launch. Instead, they recommend making incremental changes based on specific data points. For example, if you notice that your emails had high engagement but low conversion, the issue might be with the landing page rather than the email content. Document every change and the reason behind it to track its impact effectively. This scientific approach to iteration ensures that you're making informed decisions rather than guessing.

Successful launching is an iterative process that improves over time with careful analysis and targeted adjustments. By following the steps outlined by Rachel and Jess—post-launch analysis, leveraging customer feedback, and making data-driven changes—you can transform each launch into a more refined and successful endeavor. Treat your business like a science experiment, removing as much emotion as you can from the results, and watch as your launches systematically improve.

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