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Pinterest Marketing 2024: Expert Tips for Sustainable Growth with Heather Farris | Guest Episode

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Pinterest Marketing 2024

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the constant hustle of social media marketing, then this post is for you. In a recent episode of the Deeply Rooted Business Podcast, we chatted with Heather Farris, a Pinterest marketing expert.

Her insights were a game-changer—from understanding how Pinterest can fit seamlessly into your marketing mix to practical tips on content creation, Heather covered it all.

Heather Farris’ Philosophy on Pinterest Marketing

Heather’s take on Pinterest is refreshingly simple: let it work in the background. Unlike other platforms where you need to be constantly active, Pinterest allows you to market your content without the daily grind.

Picture it as a parking lot for your content, where your pins can quietly bring in traffic without needing constant updates. This approach makes Pinterest perfect for those who want to manage their marketing efforts sustainably.

Integrating Pinterest into Your Marketing Ecosystem

Heather suggests starting with your core content pillars and aligning them with relevant keywords. She’s all about organization and recommends using simple tools like spreadsheets to keep track of everything. This helps your visibility across multiple channels and complements other platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Content Creation and Scheduling

Worried that creating content for Pinterest sounds like a lot? Don’t be. Heather breaks it down into manageable steps: start with a keyword plan, create multiple pins for each piece of content, and schedule them in batches. This way, you’re not constantly switching tasks and can get more done in less time.

Using templates can also speed things up, allowing you to focus on what really matters—being consistent. With a bit of planning, you can have your Pinterest content ready to go for the month, all while binge-watching your favorite shows!

Getting Started with Pinterest

Begin by claiming your website and setting up boards around your main content pillars. Even if you only have a few pieces of content, that’s enough to start. Heather emphasizes consistency—posting just one pin a day can help build momentum. Focus on using the right keywords to get your content discovered. Whether it’s blog posts, YouTube videos, or product pins, regular and strategic posting will help you gain traction over time.

Algorithm and Discovery on Pinterest

Understanding Pinterest’s algorithm is key to making the platform work for you. Heather explains that Pinterest is all about search and discovery. User engagement, like clicks and saves, signals to Pinterest that your content is valuable. This means that the more people interact with your pins, the more Pinterest will promote your content. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest’s long-tail discoverability can keep driving traffic to your site for months, even years.

Wrapping up

Adding Pinterest into your marketing mix can be a total game-changer. Heather Farris’ insights show us how to make Pinterest a low-maintenance yet highly effective part of your strategy. By focusing on consistent, keyword-rich content and organizing your scheduling, you can let Pinterest quietly fuel your business growth. So, take a deep breath and start pinning—your business will thank you!

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