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How to determine priorities in business | What to focus on next to grow your business

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How to set business priorities

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the ideas you have for your business? In this episode, we dive deep into how to determine priorities in business and what to focus on to grow your business effectively. Learn how to plan like a corporation and handle a backlog of projects with ease. We'll share clarifying questions that will help you prioritize tasks, align with your values, and contribute to your most immediate needs. Watch now to discover actionable strategies that will make your business journey smoother and more fulfilling.

Key Takeaways:

- The importance of proactive planning in business operations.

- The concept of treating yourself as both the boss and the employee.

- The significance of asking clarifying questions to identify your next priority.

- The idea of glass plate versus paper plate tasks and how to prioritize them.

- The role of your personal values in setting business priorities.

Summary of Resources:

- The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

- Listen to Planning for Sustainable Success: Mapping Key Activities & Benchmarks for the Year Ahead



Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? It's a common struggle for business owners, especially solopreneurs and those leading small teams. With limited resources and seemingly endless tasks, figuring out what to tackle first can feel like navigating a maze blindfolded.

When you are proactively planning in your business, imagine yourself as both the CEO setting goals and the employee who executes tasks. By taking this dual perspective and planning ahead, you can approach growth strategically and avoid feeling constantly reactive.


Ask yourself these focus questions

 One of the most effective ways to identify your next priority is by asking clarifying questions. These questions can help narrow down the focus, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and identify the most critical projects that need attention. 


  • Which project, if completed, makes everything else easier or unnecessary?
  • What project or which project, if completed, would make me the most fulfilled? 
  • Which project best contributes to my most immediate needs?
  • Which project is integral to upholding my values?


Glass plate v.s. Paper plate

An interesting concept to consider when prioritizing tasks is the idea of 'glass plate versus paper plate' tasks. The 'glass plate' tasks are those that cannot be dropped without causing significant damage to the business, while 'paper plate' tasks are those that can be pushed off without major consequences. Understanding which tasks fall into each category can help in effectively managing and prioritizing them.

For example, your business is experiencing a very slow season in sales. A paper plate task can be rebranding while your glass plate task is focusing on sales-generating tactics to increase sales again.


Your personal values

Don't forget to factor in your personal values. What drives you? Is it innovation? Exceptional customer service? Aligning your business goals with your values creates a sense of purpose and keeps you motivated.  

When faced with tough prioritization decisions, ask yourself: "Does this decision align with what I value most in my business?"


Wrapping up

By using a combination of proactive planning, focus questions, prioritizing "glass plate" tasks, and keeping your personal values in mind, you can effectively manage your workload and steer your business towards success. Remember, prioritizing is about focusing your energy on what truly matters to move your business forward.

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