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The secret to my success in my online business - WAIM!

Oh, how I love WAIM.... 🌹🌹🌹

Let me count the ways...

But 1st, let me take you on a little trip down memory lane to when I first discovered Jason & Caroline Zook...

I was fresh into my freelance journey in April of 2021, and while scrolling through my good ole IG feed, I saw this hilarious reel. 


I promptly began binging on their both equally, entertaining & educational podcast 

My business and my stress levels haven't been the same since. 

Seriously, these 2 were a breath of fresh air and just what I needed.

At this point, I had been at this online business game for a year & while I had achieved my goal of finally saying buh-bye to my 9-5 to embrace the freelance life.

I needed their guidance more than I knew.

Don't get me wrong, some days I felt good. But some days, I would feel like a scattered mess. I would keep jumping from one task to another:

  • grow the list,
  • update the website
  • feed the guinea pig
  • get the zap set up
  • record the reel

Everything felt like a priority, and I was exhausted from trying to tackle every aspect of my business before my morning cup of coffee. 

I could list all the things that I needed to do to improve my business but had no idea what to do 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. I was overwhelmed, craving direction, focus, and really just wanting someone to tell me what to do & in what order.

Que WAIM Unlimited Coaching & The Un-boring Business Roadmap….

A multi-passionate ADHD entrepreneur's dream. While WAIM would be fab for many different business owners, it would be perfect for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed or aren't sure what to focus on next.

Mainly because you get access to the Un-Boring Business Roadmap soon as you join.

REASON # 1 WHY I LOVE WAIM - The Business Roadmap

The Unboring  Business roadmap pulls all of Zook's experience, coaching sessions, and knowledge into ONE streamlined program that an online business owner can jump into. It is based on a decision tree flow chart meant to guide you straight to the next action step that will significantly impact your business. And to me, it's pure genius. 🤯


With the unboring business roadmap in hand, I was able to flow through it simply, answering yes or no to each prompt, and when I came to a section that was a no for my business, it would show me exactly what to do or focus on next. 


So, for example, at the time I joined WAIM, I had a business idea & knew who I wanted to serve. Still, my offers were a little murky, so I started with lesson 2.1, Creating a Compelling Offer to help me identify my core offer and make sure it's ready to sell.


Once my offer was solid, I worked further down the chart to section 2.5: Craft a sales strategy to sell your offer, which provides step-by-step guidance on planning and executing a live sales event for your offer or product. 

And the icing on the cake is that... no matter what you're guided to, ALL of the videos, courses, templates, coaching sessions, etc., etc., are already included within WAIM. (unlike most other programs I've been in, where they are constantly trying to upsell you).


REASON # 2 WHY I LOVE WAIM - The Notion Starter Pack

As a project manager, I've been around the block with several project management tools, but one tool stole my heart for its endless customizability options & that is Notion! And while I was using Notion previously in my business, the Notion Starter Pack included in the WAIM business brought my business organization to a whole new level.

Before implementing Caroline's genius notion starter pack in my business, I had watched countless hours of Thomas Frank's and August Bradley's Youtube videos on Notion. From that, I had cobbled together a semi-useful Business Management system.

I promptly tossed everything I had built out the window once I had my hands on Caroline's notion starter pack. Because this thing was on another level. It literally provides a system for managing and executing every aspect of your business in a way that makes sense for my brain.

Plus, it's easy to implement and comes with step-by-step video setup tutorials. It includes all the basics you'll need to efficiently plan, organize and execute every aspect of your online business (and stay on top of your life balance in the process!)

I use this template daily to plan my workdays, client projects, and content creation. You can watch a short tour and see how I use the starter pack to plan my week below



Point blank, the Zooks run their business the way I want to run my business. There are about a kajillion different business coaches out there but I think it's important to learn from people who share the same values, morals, and ethical code as you.

The intention & care behind everything they do is evident from your first interaction with them.  They don't just stand for their values. They incorporate them into everything they do. They work hard to ensure that WAIM is welcoming and accessible. One of the things that I LOVE is that they begin every group coaching session by reviewing their values with the community. 

Many business coaches want to promise you the world but only deliver you unmet expectations and leave you searching for the next course or coach. 

Not these guys...

Yes, they provide expert guidance and advice, but they constantly remind their community that every business situation is unique and build your success on your terms.

Unlike most coaches or course creators out there, they don't make any empty promises or guarantees of "all the figs."

Because they can't..... Neither can anyone else, for that matter. 🤷🏻‍♀️

What they do promise AND deliver BIG TIME is :

  • Intentional sharing of their vast breadth of "actual" online business experience
  • Providing practical actions steps while supporting you
  • Making the learning journey FUN and engaging along the way.

Getting people to buy into the dream would be easier, but it's not REAL.

You can read more about their REAL values here.

 My final thoughts..

I've invested and participated in many courses and coaching programs throughout my entrepreneurial journey. But, by far, WAIM is the most in-depth in terms of knowledge sharing AND intentional care. 

Believe it or not, there is a ton of more things that I LOVE  about WAIM that I haven't even mentioned yet, like :


  • 🌎 Access to the private Slack community of like-minded business owners who show up to offer genuine support instead of spam!


  • 👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦲 1-on-1 help from Jason & Caroline through Slack, email, and monthly live session Q&As


  • 🏆 Momentum Monday's accountability with Jason through Slack

  • 📐 Page Layout Library: A library of 10 different website page layouts with copy prompts, including sales pages, home pages, about pages, and marketing bridge landing pages, makes spinning up new website pages a breeze.

  • 🤖 WAIM.ai Personal Coaching Robot: This microsite hosts 200 audio coaching clips sorted by topic to help business owners overcome the mental, emotional, and practical hurdles we all face on our journeys.

  • ⚙️ Lifetime Teachery Account: Jason & Caroline's online course software platform helps someone build and sell courses quickly and without any technical knowledge. (Normally $49/month, but a lifetime account is included free with WAIM Unlimited.)

  • 🔑 WAIM Vault and WAIM Custom Dashboard: Over 40+ courses, workshops, walk-throughs, and behind the scenes videos, complete with a powerful search by keyword and accessible from a personalized dashboard

  • 🔮 Anything they make in the future: At no additional cost!



If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a total fan girl for Jason and Caroline and what they’ve created through Wandering Aimfully. I was also regularly referring and recommending WAIM to anyone and everyone, so joining their affiliate program just made sense.

When you sign up using my affiliate link, you get the following at no extra cost to you!

Notion Success Call

If WAIM is my first business LOVE, then Notion is my second! I use Notion as my second brain for everything from planning my workdays and client projects to meal and capsule wardrobe planning.

But I’m not going to lie because it's so freaking customizable it can be a little intimidating when you first get in, which is why I’m offering an hour Notion success call to help you install Carolines Notion Template & train you on the basics and share some of my super fun tips and use cases.


Okay, I’m in - but what do I do next?

First of all, make sure you join through my link below - this part is super important, as without doing that, I can't offer you the bonuses.



Next up, once you've joined WAIM, be sure to forward me your initial sign-up email to [email protected], and once I've verified things at my end, you'll get an email notification about your Notion Success Call & the next monthly office hours! It's super simple.

Have any questions? Want to chat it through?

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