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How I overcome overwhelm in my business.. and get unstuck

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How to overcome overwhelm in your business & get unstuck

I don’t know about you, but my brain and business have been craving a little reset. I can always tell when it's time to reset because my focus and motivation to complete certain tasks goes out the window. Ironically enough, this usually happens about every 90 days. So I’ve learned that planning quarterly review sessions to celebrate all I’ve accomplished and start to course correct where things have gone off the rails helps me maintain consistent momentum and focus toward achieving my big goals. 


So today, I’m sharing two resources that I like to revisit during my quarterly planning sessions:


  • WAIM 5-Step Business Roadmap -  I first discovered the Zook’s & Wandering Aimfully about this time last year. At the time, I felt overwhelmed and not quite sure what to focus on next in my business. Whenever I feel stuck or confused, I give it a reread. It can help you get clarity with your online business, including your ideal customer, offering, marketing, and setting your website up for sales success. 
  • Update my “SOAR System” in Notion - This is how I organize my business AND my entire life, TBH. As a project manager, I’ve tried different processes and apps to manage my various projects, and this has been one that I have been able to stick with. This helps me be productive as possible & also not burn out. The Notion set I use is part of my WAIM Unlimited Membership but if you want to test drive Notion, you can grab my the provide a free yearly planning template in this article. 

I’m always so happy when I take some time to check in with my quarterly goals. Usually, even if  I felt a little defeated due to not hitting some of my bigger revenue goals, I realized that I had actually accomplished a lot. 


I’m an affiliate for WAIM - because I love it that much! So - anyone who signs up to WAIM through my affiliate link gets access to the following bonus at no extra cost to you.

Notion Success Call

If WAIM is my first business obsession, then Notion is my second! i use Notion as my second brain from everything to planning my workdays and client projects to meal and capsule wardrobe planning.

But I’m not going to lie. Because its so freaking customizable, it can be a little intimidating when you first get in, which is why I’m offering an hour Notion success call to help you install Carolines Notion Template & train you on the basics and share some of my super fun tips and use cases.


First of all, make sure you join through my link below - this part is super important, as without doing that I can't offer you the bonuses.

Next up, once you've joined WAIM be sure to forward me your initial sign-up email to [email protected] and once I've verified things at my end, you'll get an email notification about your Notion Success Call & the next monthly office hours! It's super simple.

Simply sign up here and, send a copy of your receipt to [email protected], and I’ll send you everything you need to. fulfill your order.  



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