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What's an Online Business Manager?

The role of an online business manager gets a bit confusing in the online space, so let me give you my definition, share a little bit about what I do for my clients, and give you a few criteria so you can decide if your business is ready for this role.

Basically, I'm the glue that holds the business together, a filter for all your ideas, and a magical unicorn that helps you break down your big vision into tangible projects so you can create the momentum you need to bring your goals to life. I ensure that the right things happen at the right time by the right people in the right way. This means I'm constantly nudging you towards your goals & offering compassionate accountability to you and your team so that the things that we dream, strategize & plan about actually happen.

My role differs significantly from a VA because I have the knowledge and experience to notice what is not working in your business and offer creative solutions to solve the problem. I mean, how great would it be to have someone in your business who comes to you and says, I noticed X was an opportunity, so I went ahead & did Y to fix it?

Working with an online business manager :

The  process is tailored to each client's individual needs based on the strengths and opportunities they currently face but usually shakes out something like this:

  • Review & Reflect - A complete audit of your business so I can learn where you've been in your business, where you currently are in your business, & where you want to go
  • Seasonal Strategy Intensive - About every 90 days or so, we do a deep dive review of the business to review progress, realign to our goals, and remotivate ourselves to achieve our big vision.
  • Do the work - I work hands-on in your business, helping you and your team implement the projects we've outlined during the strategy session; we meet weekly to tackle roadblocks and ensure we stay aligned.

Online Business Manager Deliverables:

Some tangible things you get each week are :

  • Weekly Metrics Review & Analysis
  • Daily Task Management & Priority Setting
  • Weekly Team Meeting Facilitation
  • Set up & Management of your Business Management System & Processes (I do custom builds in Notion, but I'm happy to work in the PM tool of your choice if you have one you already love)
  • Set up your tech and automation (I LOVE Kajabi - but I'm hella tech-savvy, so most systems are easy for me to learn) 
  • Light copywriting & graphic design
  • Check-ins as needed with you and your team members to make sure tasks are getting completed on time
  • Just generally jumping in & helping out when needed

Benefits of Working with an Online Business Manager

Some intangible things my clients have told me they experience after working with me:

  • A business that operates with more ease & flow

  • Headspace to get the creative juices flowing 
  • More time to rest & spend with their family 
  • The ability to serve their clients & community on a deeper level
  • Gaining momentum towards their goals
  • More well-being & peace of mind overall knowing they've got a collaborative partner in the biz that cares for it and wants to see it succeed just as much as they do

Is your business ready for an Online Business Manager

Here are some questions to help you decide:

  • Your offers sell, but you've been feeling like you've been treading water for a while & you're ready to gain some traction
  • You've got a small team doing things but need someone sitting in the project manager role that directs numbers, outcomes, and goals.
  • Your business is feeling a bit ungrounded & you are looking to streamline operations & set it up for sustainable long-term success.
  • You've got consistent revenue rolling in (This offer starts at an investment of $2500 a month with a 3-month initial commitment, so it works out best financially if you are at 150K yearly & above, so you are bringing in enough revenue to pay me, yourself, and your team)

Basically, online business managers take care of all the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business so you can step into your natural visionary role. You can learn more about what an Online Business Manager does and the benefits of having one on your team by downloading my guide here.

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