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Why Long-Form Content Creation Is Mission Critical for Your Business

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Why Long-Form Content Creation Is Mission Critical for Your Business

Many business owners I've been talking to don't have this fundamental piece of their business in place, which is strange because it will probably be the #1 thing that drives your business as a coach or course creator.

When you enter the course creation world, you default to become a content creator.

Regularly publishing long-form content will help you:

  • Build trust with your audience & let them see firsthand that you actually know what you are talking about
  • It gives your audience a taste of your teaching style so they can see if they vibe with you
  • It will eventually help you attract new leads without lifting a finger as your content begins to rank higher on search engines.

This is why the #1 thing I recommend to the business owners I talk to trying to get their business to the next level is to create weekly long-form content or foundational content.

What is foundational content?

I define foundational content as search engine optimized content that will always be relevant to your target audience & is something that they will actively be searching for on google or youtube.

The format of foundation content is up to you; it could be a weekly article, Podcast, or youtube video. There's no right one; it's the one where it is fun and easy for you to show up & how your audience likes to consume content. (Hint: You might have to experiment with several different formats to find the right fit.)

Foundational Content Distribution Strategy

Once you've created your foundational content, it's equally as important to have a distribution strategy, this isn't, and if you publish it, they will come type of scenario; you've got to be pushing that good stuff out to them actively, so it doesn't get lost in the deep recesses of the internet. EVENTUALLY, google will find you & you'll be able to ease up on this step and escape social media for good if you so choose so. Still, as for now, your job is to repurpose and post about your foundational content via social media and newsletter to get as many eyeballs on it as you can.

What does this look like in real life? Here's a content distribution workflow I created for a client recently as an example :

- Write a weekly long-form article (Tuesday)
- Post as a blog on Kajabi (Wednesday)
- Create for Pin for Pinterest to promote the blog (post once a week for the next for weeks) (Wednesday)
- Create a short-form video summarizing the key points of the article with CTA to learn more on the blog (Thursday)
- Post-short-form video on Instagram / Facebook (Friday)
- Post a short-form video on Tiktok (Friday)
- Post a short-form video on Pinterest (Friday)
- Post a short-form video on Youtube (Friday)
- Send Newsletter email with CTA to visit the blog to learn more (Sunday)

Need more inspiration? [Check out this youtube video] Where I break down how we repurpose a client's Podcast into a Youtube video & weekly blog post.

The Benefits of a Foundational Content Strategy:

I LOVE this foundational content strategy because

A. It saves the business owner time; in reality, you only need to complete step 1 & the rest can be outsourced to a team member once the proper workflows are set up.

B. It builds your business for the long term; if you spend all your time creating short-form content on Instagram and Tiktok, you are doing it backward! The content that lives on those platforms is ephemeral, but your site's content will live forever! Also, your goal is to get as much traffic to your site as possible, so if you put all the goodies on IG, why would anyone ever leave the app to go to your site? So don't work for IG; make IG work for you. (I think that should be my new slogan… lol).

Ok, I think I've made my case for foundational content. Now go forth & give your business some roots.

And as always, if you NEED any support, I'm here to help; [reach out] if you need help determining your content topics, setting up your workflows & SOPs so you can delegate to a VA, or if you want me to do it all for ya ;)

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